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Master Driver Regatta 2024

(Crew changes may be made until check-in on Sat. Jan.13, 2024 subject to the requirements i n the NOR)
The entry fee is $950 per team. Five Clubs may register.
Entries are on a first com first served basis, except for last year’s winner as stated in the NoR. The registration should be completed online at 
The named registrant (Releasor) for this St. Petersburg Yacht Club Regatta (the "Regatta"), and in consideration of being  permitted to participate in the Regatta, the Releasor, for himself/herself and his/her personal representatives, hereby
understands that Releasor is competing in the Regatta entirely at Releasor's own risk and that neither the organizing
authority, nor host organization, nor sponsors, nor any members therein, will accept any liability for material damage or
personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the Regatta. Releasor further understands
that the responsibility to participate in the Regatta or to continue racing after the start of the Regatta rests with Releasor
alone in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule #4. Releasor may withdraw from the Regatta at any time if Releasor  believe conditions are not safe for Releasor to continue.
Releasor acknowledges the risks with competitive sailboat racing, which includes but is not limited to changes in hazardous weather and sea conditions, acts of negligence of other participants, possible collisions, and equipment malfunctions, all of which may result in death, personal and/or property damage. Releasor assumes all of such risks upon entering the Regatta. In doing so Releasor releases the St. Petersburg Yacht Club ("SPYC"), its officers and members, employees, volunteers, and each of them from all liability, whether ashore or at sea, to the Releasor, his/her personal representatives and heirs for any claim on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death of the Releasor, whether caused by the negligence of Releasees or otherwise.

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To pay by credit card, please call Barbara Kearnes, SPYC Accounting Dept., 727.892.6883